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SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
EWM essentially is WM with extended and enhanced functionality to support more complex execution processes. Some of the referred features are system directed working, dynamic slotting, serialization, multiple wave strategies, yard management, dock scheduling, …
This extended solution will enable SAP customers to better streamline existing processes and further optimize logistics efficiency in a global manner. With regards to Transportation for instance all activities in the warehouse can now easily be scheduled by cut-off and/or seamlessly triggered by any relevant occurrence at the yard gate.
As early adopters of the extended WM module, we at SAPSTROOM can provide you with all required configurations services in this area are and able to deliver an effective SAP EWM solution build around your specific needs.
Our approach and methodology guarantee a strong focus on processes, to result in sustainable solutions fully in line with the customers’ objective. The SAP EWM solution provides extended visibility, allowing improved asset and resource management, using more accurate simulations for better planning. Also providing dashboards using key performance indicators allowing monitoring for continuous improvement.
Thanks to the vast knowledge base and relevant experience our experts share on the WM and EWM modules, SAPSTROOM will guide and support the customer providing an adequate evaluation of both solutions based on the specific requirements.
See the DOWLOAD PAPER SECTION for a quite extensive paper where we compare ECC WM to EWM.

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