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Foreign trade
Although the development of the EU made it easier for companies to deal with customs formalities within the EU, the importance of trade with countries outside the EU is increasing at a very high pace.
For companies which import goods from outside EU, and for companies exporting outside EU, it is clear that customs regulations are being applied more and more strictly. Customs organizations are rapidly modernizing their way of working, moving towards paperless communication.
Did you know that doing business with a party who figures on the official boycott lists carries huge fines?
Did you know that it is possible, when re-exporting goods, to postpone paying import duties until it is sure that the final destination is inside EU?
The answer to all these new challenges and opportunities can be found in the SAP new Global Trade System (GTS), which is truly capable to cope with all aspects of bonded stock and customs transactions like NCTS (New Customs Transit System). It can also calculate whether EUR1 certificates can be given, checks for boycott and sanctioned party lists...
SAPSTROOM has experienced consultants in the Foreign Trade area and will be happy to provide you with all required support in implementing or improving your Foreign Trade system.
The DOWLOAD PAPER SECTION contains a paper about the SAP GTS solution.

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